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Summer slim down

It’s About More Than Weight loss

By: Julie Williams

101612535312873362_bsfdfkow_c3Slim Solutions of Lexington has served the community for over 16 years. With a bachelor degree in sports medicine as well as having spent eleven years in the medical field, my knowledge of the human body and how it operates is extensive. Most recently, I’m working on a certification from UNCG as a health coach. I feel all these attributes will help me as the new owner of Slim Solutions.

Slim Solutions Weight loss and nutritional support is a program developed to help individuals become healthier through weight management. The program has been approved by the NC Board of Dietetics and Nutrition. The program we offer concentrates on your overall health. Through various health coaching techniques we teach you on how to become empowered to change your life by emphasizing healthy eating habits, learning about portion sizes and how to read nutritional food labels. My goal is for you to become an active participant in your weight loss goal. I want to partner with you give emotional support during the weight loss journey to change your life. Weight gain can be affected by many variables; medication ,hormones, digestive issues, low metabolism, age, lack of sleep 210709-kak-pohudet-v-sportzale-i-sauneand stress, to name a few. The program allows an individual to lose about 2-3 pounds per week by eating real food from the grocery store or restaurant. All weigh-ins are confidential and done one on one allowing you to feel comfortable.  Weight loss can be difficult and having someone to listen to you and help inspire you to maximize your own abilities. There’s not a quick fix, no pills or injections, but a lifestyle change that lets you lose weight in a healthy way. Slim Solutions is the solution to a slimmer you by changing lives one pound at a time.

I look forward to the future of Slim Solutions and to working with all of you. I would like to thank the community and the clients for supporting me through the transition. Call today for a free consult 336-224-5325. Follow us on Facebook or at:

 www.ssweightloss.net or www.slimsolutionsweightloss.com.

Slim Solutions Weight Management System Over View:

  • Preliminary Phase: In preparation for the weight loss phase your body must be cleansed of retained salt, refine sugar and caffeine. This phase approximately last six days.
  • Weight loss Phase: The food plan best suited for your individual needs will be assessed and outlined for you along with behavioral modifications and emotional support.
  • Transitional Phase: Once your goal weight has been achieved, a strategic method of caloric increase will begin. Your body’s metabolic rate will become more stable. Then graduation into maintenance may begin.
  • Maintenance: We provide the structure and skill development necessary to remain successful at maintaining your new goal weight.