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Introducing Spring Décor into Your Home

By April Lewis

Spring is a season of rebirth. After the long winter months, spring eventually arrives with fresh sprigs of green grass, the trees are dotted with new buds, and specks of vibrant colors are popping up in flower beds all around. Follow along as I show you my favorite spring décor tips and be inspired to introduce spring into your home.
Simplify your Décor

SpringDecor-MantelLgCreate a calm peaceful look by removing the existing layers of your décor so you can begin your spring planning with a fresh palette. Now we can all admit that there is no greater feeling than a fresh start. Clear your mind and your space and get to work!
I love to start fresh with a neutral palette layered with various textures and tones. Vintage books, wood textures, and metal accents are all great elements to incorporate when you are decorating. Think outside the box and get creative with your décor, remembering to have fun and not to put too much pressure on yourself.

Build your Foundation

When planning your décor from season to season, always remember to build your foundation piece first. Your foundation is the base of any design. It’s the piece that grounds the look, whether it’s an antique window accented with a seasonal wreath or similar to the vintage floral china shown in this mantel shot.

This grounding piece to the design will allow seasonal décor, such as this ceramic bunny, to be incorporated into the design with little or no change to the overall look that you have created.

Think Green

There is nothing better than to see fresh hues of greens placed throughout your home. These may require an initial investment, but well worth it in the end. You can also use these pieces as a foundation season after season, implementing relevant seasonal décor items in between.

Faux flowers or fresh blooms are also wonderful to incorporate into your design. The soft hues of the blooms shown in this breakfast room shot create soft visual texture that brings a sense of romance to the design. You will also see that pops of green are strategically placed in the chic chandelier that hangs over the dining table and accented around the whimsical bunny plates that are placed at each table setting.

The table top design overall seems more interesting just by adding these few elements to the mix.

Brighten it up

Bring out the lighter tones in your spring décor and room design with soft whites or pastel color hues. Maybe this is the time to bring out the paint brush or can of spray paint and paint a few décor pieces, walls, or furniture items.

SpingDecor-tableTake a close look at the vintage candlesticks, dining table, and chairs in the breakfast room shot. These all were a dark stain and not very attractive. With a little TLC, these pieces look entirely different and work beautifully into the design.

Be daring and don’t be afraid of paint. Paint is always a perfect solution when you are on a budget and need a fresh new look.
It has been a pleasure to show you spring through my eyes and I do hope that you have been inspired to introduce spring décor into your home. As you begin designing your spaces, be sure to enjoy this process and remember the four design tips I shared with you on how to introduce spring décor into your home: simplify your décor, build your foundation, think green, and brighten it up!

April is a native from Davidson County and hase been an interior designer for over 9 years.  She currently works out of Greensboro, NC.  April is well versed in all design styles and never lets her personal style reflect on her clients home.  “The clients home should tell the story of their life and what they love.” – April Lewis.