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Richie Simmons for Sheriff

Modernize and Prioritize Davidson County Sheriff’s Office
Conservative Republican Richie Simmons’
3-Point Plan to Improve Public Safety and Reduce Crime

With 31 years of law enforcement experience, Richie Simmons is the only candidate with a comprehensive plan to improve public safety in Davidson County. Simmons is a retired North Carolina Highway Patrol Sergeant and has been a state/municipal law enforcement officer, instructor, SWAT team member, and supervisor. He has the skills and experience to be our next Sheriff of Davidson County.
Richie has a 3 -Point Plan to bring modern ideas and professional leadership to our Sheriff’s Office.

Point 1 – Tough on the Bad, Work for the Good
A Simmons-led Sheriff’s Office will create a specialized Heroin Intervention Strategy where investigators will respond to all overdose scenes to gather evidence and aggressively target dealers and distributors. They will establish partnerships with federal, state, and local law enforcement to target, track, and arrest drug dealers in our community. Richie’s team will work to create a Warrant Intercept Program to withhold state tax refunds of individuals with outstanding warrants.

Point 2 – Real Community Policing for Davidson County
To target criminals preying on our community, Richie’s administration will establish the first Crime Suppression/Breaking and Entering Task Force in Davidson County. Deputies will also be trained to perform security assessments of residential and business properties while teaching owners better ways to secure their property. A viable senior citizens welfare check program will be developed to protect our elderly residents. Richie believes that law enforcement must be proactive, not merely reactive, to minimize crime.

Point 3 – Modernize our Sheriff’s Office
Today, criminals utilize advanced smart phones and apps to commit crimes. Our deputies should not be pursuing these criminals using outdated systems. A Simmons-led administration will bring data-driven technology to Davidson County policing. Numerous software systems to assist in proactive law enforcement tactics are available at little to no cost. Using these sophisticated systems will allow us to improve training and operational efficiency.

New Programs to Reduce Crime and Protect Our Community
HOPE (Heroin Overdose Prevention and Education) – HOPE will bring community and government experts together to work on real solutions.

TAME (Teen Alcohol and Marijuana Education) – TAME will bring school resource officers, education officials, and parents together to create programs that reduce the number of teens developing addictive behaviors.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement 287(g) Program – Our Detention Center will work with federal partners to identify and remove illegal immigrants who commit dangerous crimes.
Prepared – A series of free public safety classes will be offered to our citizens that teach life-saving skills and ways to keep their property safe.

Visit our website at RichieSimmons.com to learn how you can help and to stay informed.

The May 8th Primary WILL decide the race for Davidson County Sheriff. Make sure you are registered to vote as a Republican or Unaffiliated by April 13th in order to elect Richie Simmons as your new sheriff.

Help us make Davidson County a better and safer place to live.

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