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Richie Simmons for Sheriff

Modernize and Prioritize Davidson County Sheriff’s Office
Conservative Republican Richie Simmons’
3-Point Plan to Improve Public Safety and Reduce Crime

With 31 years of law enforcement experience, Richie Simmons is the only candidate with a comprehensive plan to improve public safety in Davidson County. Simmons is a retired North Carolina Highway Patrol Sergeant and has been a state/municipal law enforcement officer, instructor, SWAT team member, and supervisor. He has the skills and experience to be our next Sheriff of Davidson County.
Richie has a 3 -Point Plan to bring modern ideas and professional leadership to our Sheriff’s Office.

Point 1 – Tough on the Bad, Work for the Good
A Simmons-led Sheriff’s Office will create a specialized Heroin Intervention Strategy where investigators will respond to all overdose scenes to gather evidence and aggressively target dealers and distributors. They will establish partnerships with federal, state, and local law enforcement to target, track, and arrest drug dealers in our community. Richie’s team will work to create a Warrant Intercept Program to withhold state tax refunds of individuals with outstanding warrants.

Point 2 – Real Community Policing for Davidson County
To target criminals preying on our community, Richie’s administration will establish the first Crime Suppression/Breaking and Entering Task Force in Davidson County. Deputies will also be trained to perform security assessments of residential and business properties while teaching owners better ways to secure their property. A viable senior citizens welfare check program will be developed to protect our elderly residents. Richie believes that law enforcement must be proactive, not merely reactive, to minimize crime.

Point 3 – Modernize our Sheriff’s Office
Today, criminals utilize advanced smart phones and apps to commit crimes. Our deputies should not be pursuing these criminals using outdated systems. A Simmons-led administration will bring data-driven technology to Davidson County policing. Numerous software systems to assist in proactive law enforcement tactics are available at little to no cost. Using these sophisticated systems will allow us to improve training and operational efficiency.

New Programs to Reduce Crime and Protect Our Community
HOPE (Heroin Overdose Prevention and Education) – HOPE will bring community and government experts together to work on real solutions.

TAME (Teen Alcohol and Marijuana Education) – TAME will bring school resource officers, education officials, and parents together to create programs that reduce the number of teens developing addictive behaviors.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement 287(g) Program – Our Detention Center will work with federal partners to identify and remove illegal immigrants who commit dangerous crimes.
Prepared – A series of free public safety classes will be offered to our citizens that teach life-saving skills and ways to keep their property safe.

Visit our website at RichieSimmons.com to learn how you can help and to stay informed.

The May 8th Primary WILL decide the race for Davidson County Sheriff. Make sure you are registered to vote as a Republican or Unaffiliated by April 13th in order to elect Richie Simmons as your new sheriff.

Help us make Davidson County a better and safer place to live.

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greg wood-portrait

Wood for Sheriff

Hi everyone, I’m Greg Wood and I want to be your Sheriff here in Davidson County.

A lot of people ask why I believe I would make a good Sheriff. The answer is simple: I’m an honest hard-working family man, like many of you, who loves the Lord, goes to church, spends time with my family as much as I can, and has been a servant in law enforcement for over 37 years. And I’m the only candidate who has experience as a city police officer, a North Carolina Highway Patrolman and as a Davidson County Sheriff’s Deputy.

greg wood touches peopleAs I go out into the community, I hear people in this county crying for a Sheriff that they will know and their children will know his name. They want him involved in their community, where they will see him and can share their concerns first-hand. And I want to do that. I want to be at community events and be there to know if there are issues and concerns.

My plan is simple – not just filled with false promises and big words. The plan is to bring the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office back to the people of this county and increase the morale of men and women who work there.

Anyone who’s ever worked with me will tell you I’m fair. I relate to the everyday man. I’m down to earth and I’m out working every single day to provide a better life for the folks in this county that I love.

I listen to what others are concerned about and what folks here are most worried about are drugs. Did you know that 95% of all crime here in Davidson County is related to drugs? Under my leadership as Davidson County Sheriff, we will reduce the drug flow into this county. Not only will that slow down crimes like motor vehicle break-ins, residential break-ins and larcenies, but it will reduce the overdose epidemic that is breaking the hearts of so many families.
That’s why as a pro-active leader, changes will be made and made quickly. What pro-active leadership does that mean? It means meeting problems head-on before they happen and not just sitting back and taking a report, as is the case today. Proactive Leadership will restore morale to our deputies and make our communities safer.

greg wood with young marinesLeadership that will not rule through intimidation and unfair disciplinary policies. Leadership that will not start at 8 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. but will be around the clock. Leadership that will instill in our deputies the desire to work hard to fairly enforce all laws; to seek out the rampant drug dealers and stop their illegal flow of drugs to our children and communities; to commit their time and resources to serve all citizens of Davidson County, no matter their religion or political beliefs and to bring respect back to the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.

So, let me tell you a little bit about Greg Wood. I was born in Stuart, VA, but raised just over the line in Sandy Ridge, NC, in Stokes County. I graduated from North Stokes High School in 1978.
In 1979 I began my career in law enforcement at the Mayodan Police Department as a dispatcher. In 1980 I was sworn in as a patrol officer and remained in that position until 1982 when I accepted a job with the North Carolina Highway Patrol. I was in the 70th Basic Patrol School. Over the next 17 years I was assigned to Wake County and Rowan County. In 1991 I was promoted to line sergeant and assigned to Troop I District 2 Interstate Enforcement team in Winston Salem. Troop I District 2 was comprised of 3 squads working I-85, I-40 and I-77. I was responsible for 9 counties, and at times supervised as many as 24 officers in 17 counties. We performed speed enforcement, drug and criminal interdiction work, and traffic accident investigations. I remained in this position until Troop I District 2 was dissolved in 1998, and I was transferred to Troop E District 3 in Rowan County, whereby I supervised as many as 15 Troopers.

In 1999 I left the North Carolina Highway Patrol and was hired by the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office where I was assigned to the TAC unit doing drug and criminal interdiction work and motor vehicle violation enforcement. During this time, I was also assigned as a motor officer on the Sheriff’s Office motor unit. In 2001 I was promoted to lieutenant and assigned as the OIC of the TAC unit. In this same year I was transferred to the newly formed criminal warrant squad and supervised as many as 8 officers. I assumed command of the motorcycle unit in 2014 when my partner Sgt. Ronnie Foster stepped down due to health issues. I remained in the position of OIC of the warrant squad, and OIC of the motorcycle unit until my retirement on July 31st, 2017.

greg wood ronald reaganAs far as education goes, I attended Rockingham Community College, taking courses in Criminal Justice. I graduated from the Basic Law Enforcement Training program at Davidson County Community College in 1980. I then attended the North Carolina Highway Patrol School for basic training and graduated in 1982. I attended the 10-week Administrative Officers Management Program, at N.C State University, and graduated in 1992.I received the Advanced Law Enforcement certificate from the N.C Department of Justice in 1993. I went on to further my education at Guilford Technical Community College, where I received an Associate Degree in Law Enforcement Technology in 1995. At different intervals throughout my career I have continued my supervision training at various institutions.

And then there’s the love of my life, my wife Tiffany. I am married to the former Tiffany Anderson who is the owner of Love Blossoms Florist. We are the proud parents of seven children, ranging in age from 31 to 7 years, and we’ve been blessed with one grandchild. Our two oldest children are public servants in the field of nursing and education. We attend New Testament Baptist Church in Lexington, and Mayo Mountain Church in Stuart, Virginia.
And I also believe in serving my community.

I am a member, and past president, of the Lexington Downtown Lions Club since 1999. Since 2011 I have been an adult staff member of The Young Marines of Davidson County. I have volunteered with Hospice of Davidson County since 2008 on their Ride for Angels motorcycle fundraiser committee. As far as hobbies go, I love riding motorcycles, hunting, and spending time with my children.
Someone recently asked me, “What’s the best thing about law enforcement?” I said it was helping those who can’t help themselves.

Through implementing Proactive leadership, motivation and morale will increase dramatically; deputies will want to stay with this agency and others will want to join, thus reducing the vacancies which in turn will increase deputy response times and provide safer communities.

Please consider voting for me, Greg Wood, as your Davidson County Sheriff in the primary on May 8th.


Proactive Leadership
PROACTIVE LEADERSHIP… the type of leadership that will restore morale to our deputies and bring safer communities to our citizens. Leadership that will not rule through intimidation and unfair disciplinary policies. Leadership that will not start at 8 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. but will be around the clock. Leadership that will instill in our deputies the desire to work hard to fairly enforce all laws; to seek out the rampant drug dealers and stop their illegal flow of drugs to our children and communities; to commit their time and resources to save all citizens of Davidson County, no matter their religion or political beliefs and to bring respect back to the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.


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