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Focus Winners

The results are in and guess who the winners are this year? 

gold-trophyYou’ll have to dig into the magazine to find out, but one thing is for sure. They’re all local! A lot of people ask me about our Focus Favorites like, “How do people win?” “Do you get a lot of ballot entries?” “Do the same businesses win multiple years in a row?”

“Yes,” is the answer to all of those questions. We get a ton of ballot entries, and since making voting available online, our entries have almost tripled! There are no fancy gimmicks; we go hand by hand tallying the votes until a winner is decided. There are multiple businesses that have won and continue to win various categories year after year. That’s because they’re a favorite of our readers and they are good at what they do. It’s all about the community and what you like best about our local businesses. If you want to see a new business win a category, then mark it down next year!

Thanks to everyone who voted again this year! You’re the reason for the winners, so stop by the winning locations and tell them congratulations!

Spring is finally in the air and warm weather is on the horizon. The colors of the season are starting to bloom. In the theme of spring, the Davidson County Master Gardeners are featured in this issue. Aside from their members’ vast knowledge of flora and fauna, they also contribute to our community through service projects.

Recently, I’ve been thinking of ways our community members could get involved to help beautify our county. As I drove into Greensboro not too long ago, I couldn’t help but notice an exit ramp that was greatly trashed and polluted with food bags, cups and bottles. It saddens me to think that people give no care to this space we have to live in, and I wondered if that area was part of a community program that picked up litter and trash? If not, it crossed my mind to contact the city or state to see how I or someone else could get involved.

Not that everyone has to volunteer for an entire area, but if we all just put our trash in a proper place, recycle and help pick up after each other our world would be a more beautiful place. So this season, as the weather gets warmer, grab a pail and head outside. Let’s keep our home and community a beautiful place to live!

Best wishes for a happy and beautiful spring!

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