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Photo provided by the Davidson County Historical Museum H. Lee Waters Collection
Photo provided by the Davidson County Historical Museum H. Lee Waters Collection

More Than Milk: The Legend of Coble Dairy

In its glory years, Coble’s Dairy Products, Inc. operated seven dairy manufacturing plants, 11 dairy product distribution branches including Grade A liquid milk, dry milk, cheese, ice cream, and the Eskimo Pie franchise for the Carolinas. By 1950, Coble’s Dairy Products owned 21 receiving plants in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, as well as the Tar Heel state. Read More


Prom Dress Rewind

Amanda Bostick, Student Support Specialist with Communities in Schools at Lexington Senior High School, has found a way to put the happiness back into prom for many local teens. Each year, Bostick and staff gather prom dresses and allow students who are unable to pay for a dress to peruse through gently worn dresses and find the perfect one for prom. Continue Reading


kidsicecreamLessons that Yield the Fruit of Righteousness

I had also seen the milkman deliver ice cream to the children in our neighborhood. Mama never ordered anything but milk, and I sometimes wondered why we never got ice cream like some of the other children.  Read More


nowlaterDaily Decisions Lead to Lifetime of Happiness

Sometimes the anxiety of failure can overcome the ambition to succeed, and that is why many of us don’t take chances in life. Maybe we don’t apply for that job because we might actually get called for an interview. It feels much better to play it safe than to have our pride take an uppercut. Continue Reading

asianheritageDiverse Cultures Creates Unity and Education

Since its inception in 1996, the Multicultural Festival has grown tremendously in events, attendance, and ethnic food vendors. Tammy Curry, Program and Events Coordinator for the City of Lexington’s Parks and Recreation Department, coordinates the event each year. Read More

HimalayanSaltHimalayan Salt and Salt Lamp Benefits

Himalayan salt is mined from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. It has no environmental pollutants that can harm our bodies. Salt from these mountains dates back 250 million years. Eighty percent of Himalayan salt is sodium chloride. The remaining 20% contains 84 trace minerals that our body needs. Himalayan salt is an unrefined salt and doesn’t contain any of the chemicals found in traditional table salt. Continue Reading


fleamarket-barnnewFacelift: A Piece of History Transforms

Up until 2013, the Farmer’s Co-Op owned and operated the Livestock Auction property. When new owners acquired the old livestock auction barn and property, much of the site’s history is being retained as a facelift and recent revitalization efforts have begun. Read More


irish-recipesTraditional Irish Recipes

Irish tradition is part of our area with many decedents originating from Irish linage.   Here are some traditional Irish staples that are sure to give you the luck of the Irish. Continue Reading


st.patricksdayKiss Me I’m Irish

St. Patrick, born in the fifth century, was not even Irish. That’s right! Saint Patrick was born in Britain. At the age of 16, he was kidnapped and held hostage by Irish raiders. Read More


fatsWhat’s Up With Fat?

The American Heart Association says a body definitely needs some fat. Dietary fats keep the machine that is the body humming by creating energy, protecting organs, stimulating cell growth, producing needed hormones, and helping the body absorb key nutrients. Continue Reading


GardenWaterFeaturesMaking a Splash with Water Features in the Garden 

Want to add additional charm and tranquility to your garden? Incorporate a water feature. No matter what size or type of garden you have, there are a number of water features that will fit into any design or space, as well as any budget. A garden pond can add special qualities to nearly any landscape.  Read More


eastereggsEggs-tra Special Easter Activities

The Easter Bunny is getting close to his visit and I’m always looking for new Easter-themed ideas and activities for my kids. Sure, dyeing Easter eggs and planning an Easter egg hunt are always staples, but I wanted something new and fresh. So I asked around and I’m sharing here some of the great ideas several of my teacher friends offered. Continue Reading



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