Spring Into a New Clean – DS Duct Cleaning – Business Spotlight

When seasonal allergies are driving most of us inside for a safe haven, we might instead be retreating into a wide variety of contaminants that are causing many of our health problems. A new service available from DS Duct Cleaning, owned by business partners David Kinley and Sam Hall, can clean the duct work in your home and reduce current allergens or airborne pollutants.

Duct-cleaningMuch like a dusty closet, over time the duct work in our homes builds up mold, allergens, and dust. Each time we run our heating or air conditioning, those particles are released into our home environment and later show up in our lungs and respiratory system. Since 1990, the EPA has consistently ranked indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental risks to public health. Clean duct work not only provides cleaner and safer air for you and your family to breathe, it also improves the efficiency of your outdoor unit and air handler.

DS Duct cleaning will leave your duct work looking as good as new, with before and after footage of the inside of your duct work to prove. This footage will show you the importance of duct cleaning and why improving air quality is a necessity for you and your family.

Another service included with duct cleaning is the removal of lent from dryer vents. This cleaning will remove trapped lent that lies between the dryer and the outdoor exhaust vent. FEMA estimates that 2,900 fires start each year due to dryer vents not being properly cleaned. Dust, lent, and fiber buildup can cause ignition of clothes which in 2010 alone caused up to an estimated 35 million dollars in damages.

“As a volunteer fireman for over 15 years, I’ve seen more house fires due to dryer lent than I care to remember. With a simple removal and cleaning of that dryer vent those fires could have been prevented,” says owner David Kinley.

Duct-clean-adAir quality management is their specialty at DS Duct Cleaning. As a locally owned and operated business affiliated with David Kinley Services, their promise to you and your family is that you will breathe easy and breathe better than ever before. How do we know this? Because their certified air duct cleaning specialists go above and beyond for you and your family to provide the best available quality of work.

DS Duct Cleaning and David Kinley Services are dedicated to family. Born and raised in Davidson County, the Kinleys know the importance of family and keeping our loved ones safe.  They offer these services because home should be our safe haven, and keeping your home as safe as possible is their mission.

For more information on getting the duct work cleaned in your home contact DS Duct Cleaning at 336-225-8836 for Sam and for Colton 336-225-6082 or online www.dsductcleaning.com

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