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Local Engineering Brings Ease to Land Development Projects

KennerlyED-Logo_5-11-2016northHusband and wife duo, Tim and Nikole Kennerly, are changing the norms and making waves in the engineering industry with their local company, Kinnerly Engineering & Design. These North Carolina college sweethearts are positively impacting community development across the state and region.

Kennerly Engineering & Design, a North Carolina certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), is a one of a kind engineering company specializing in civil engineering. “Civil Engineering can include services on anything outside of a building structure, such as road design, water and sewer design, parking, storm water management, storm drainage design, grading, erosion control design, and construction inspections,” according to Nikole Kennerly.

Being a woman owned business in the engineering field is definitely unique. “It’s rare,” says Nikole. “I feel girls are sometimes discouraged at a young age with math and there is still a stigma that boys are naturally better at it. I want to show girls that you have the ability to be good at anything you set your mind to.”

After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Nikole and Tim worked for various engineering firms specializing in different types of arenas and built upon their impressive resumes and vast knowledge in the field. Looking to settle down and call somewhere home, they found the North Davidson area inviting and bought their home there. “We want to be a part of helping the City of Lexington and Davidson County grow to be one of the prime places in the state to work and live,” says Nikole.

The Kennerly’s worked in Charlotte for 12 years during a time of immense growth and now see many issues that come with growing too fast and not having a proper infrastructure to support such growth. “We would love to help the area grow responsibly by using our experience and expertise gained by working in the larger metropolitan areas.”

100According to Kennerly, “One of the services we can provide to residents and property owners comes in the form of assisting realtors.” Kennerly can assess any issues that could potentially cause issues when selling property as well as assist in rezoning, development, and permitting as well as developing water and sewer line infrastructure for property development and expansion.

Both Nikole and husband Tim believe the greatest potential for additional growth in Davidson County is centered on the Davidson County Airport. “Our company specializes in airport design including taxiway, taxilane and runway design. There are very few engineering companies in the state that have this experience,” according to Nikole.

KennerlyED-Logo-Vector-paths-NoTaglineAs parents to three children, ages 10, seven and four, they understand the importance of being involved in the community. “We care about the area,” says Nikole. “We support the community in its growth and development and would love to see it become a place where people want to live and will come back to live.”

Nikole recalls a conversation with her four-year-old when asked what she does at her job. “Apparently, I go on the computer and take pictures of dump trucks,” laughs Nikole. “Obviously, we take time and consideration for each customer as no job is too big or small that falls within our services. I look forward to continue taking pictures of dump trucks.”

For a complete list of services offered by Kennerly Engineering & Design please contact 336-775-2118 or visit their firm online at

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