Eggs-tra Special Easter Activities

The Easter Bunny is getting close to his visit and I’m always looking for new Easter-themed ideas and activities for my kids. Sure, dyeing Easter eggs and planning an Easter egg hunt are always staples, but I wanted something new and fresh. So I asked around and I’m sharing here some of the great ideas several of my teacher friends offered. Have fun with these exciting Easter activities!

Matching Sound Game. Fill plastic Easter eggs with different materials such as dry pinto beans, small pasta, gems, pompoms, tiny puzzle pieces, and pebbles to vary the sounds they make. The kids pick one egg and shake it, then pick another one. If it sounds the same as the former one, put the pair in the carton side by side. If they have different sounds, just leave them off to the side.

Ice Easter Eggs. Place some crafts or glass stones in a balloon, fill it with water using the tap, tie it off, and place it in the freezer overnight. You will get a beautiful ice egg. It’s very interesting to retrieve the treasure inside by cracking the eggs open.

Easter Bunny Cover Up. Print out an Easter bunny face image. This is an interesting estimating game, using different sizes of pompoms to cover parts of the bunny’s face. The most challenging part is that you have to estimate how many you need. Just see how close you can be and your estimating skills can be improved in this way.

crosstossCross Toss. Prepare all the cups in a tray and insert rolled purple paper to make a cross. Throw all the purple Easter eggs in the purple cups. The kids will surely have fun and they can also improve their shooting accuracy.

Easter Egg Spoon Balancing Activity. This balancing activity is so funny. Hold the handle of a wooden spoon to balance the Easter egg, and then set a distance to walk while making sure that you don’t drop the Easter egg. This idea can improve the balance ability for kids.

Coin Counting Easter Activity. This will give your kids plenty of practice to count coins and match them correctly with the written amounts on these Easter eggs. Write with marker an amount of money on each plastic Easter egg. Place change out for the children to use. For each egg they need to count and add up the money to match what’s written on the egg.

Word Family Easter Eggs. If your kids have trouble memorizing words, this would be a funny and helpful Easter activity to help them learn. Make a few family eggs with different words. You can make the correct word by spinning the each half of the Easter eggs.

Egg Tower Challenge. Lay out a pile of plastic Easter egg halves and instruct the kids to start building. I challenged them to see who could build the tallest tower. They counted the plastic egg halves as they added them to their towers.

Easter Egg-ercise. Add an activity inside each egg. Five bunny hops, three rabbit jacks, etc. Have each child perform the activity written inside of the egg when they open it. Egg-ercises can also be done as a group.

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