Hail Mary Pimento Cheese

Pimento cheese is a southern staple and one we are very familiar with ‘round here.  Step up your game with a few extra ingredients to make keep ‘em coming back for more!  Whooee!



8 slices of bacon, cooked, crumbled

1 (8-oz.) block of extra sharp cheddar cheese, shredded

1 c. mayonnaise

1/3 c. sliced almonds, toasted

4 green onions, chopped thin

½ tsp. hot sauce



Combine ingredients in bowl and refrigerate for at least 1 hour or up to 24 hours before eating.  Enjoy!


Crafting on a Penny: Paper Mache Bowls

PaperMacheWith school starting, many of us are challenged by tight budgets and the need to swap out our summer decorations for fall inspired creations. With these paper mache bowls you can upscale any space and still keep pennies in the bank. These bowls are excellent creations for tablescapes, storage solutions, or decorative side pieces. By adding a little paint you can make the perfect accent for any season!



Water for paste


Craft Paint

Spray Sealer (Recommended, but optional!)

Kitchen bowl as form

Plastic Wrap



1)      Cover the bottom of the bowl you have chosen with plastic wrap, and wrap it over the rim. Make a paste of flour and water until it is the consistency of pudding. Tear up small pieces of newspaper or other recycled paper from your home.

papermache22)      Dip the paper into the paste and apply a layer to the outside of the bowl. Build up the layer until the plastic wrap is completely covered. Let dry overnight. Repeat until you have several layers for strength. Let dry. Remove from the bowl form and remove the plastic wrap.

3)      Use scissors to cut a clean edge around the rim of your paper mache bowl. Consider using a primer on the bowl first to block out any print or colors. Let dry. Paint with craft paints in your chosen colors. Don’t forget to consider metallic paints, a different color for the inside and outside of the bowl, or to add pattern. You can stamp and stencil, create freehand designs, or print a word around the rim that carries meaning for you. Use your creativity and dress it up to the style of your home!

4)      Spray finished bowls with a sealer you can pick up at any craft store.

5)      Now fill your bowl and enjoy years of decorative style you can be proud of! Don’t forget to experiment with different types of paper, adding paint to the glue, using white tissue paper, or using a faux stone paint finish. Let your creativity run wild. If you don’t like it, repaint it!

Davidson County Football Schedules


Coach Clayton Trivette

Date            Opponent

8/18            @ Atkins

8/25            @ East Rowan

9/1              East Davidson

9/8              Lexington

9/15            @ Thomasville

9/29            @ Salisbury

10/6            Ledford

10/13                   @ East Davidson

10/20                   North Davidson

10/27                   @ South Davidson

11/3            West Davidson



Coach David Hines

Date                 Opponent

8/18            @ Providence Grove

8/25            Wheatmore

9/1              @ Central Davidson

9/8              South Rowan

9/15            @ North Davidson

9/22            @ West Davidson

9/29            Thomasville

10/6            @ Lexington

10/13                   Central Davidson

10/20                   @ Salisbury

10/27                   Ledford




Coach Chris Adams

Date         Opponent

8/18            Glenn

9/1              @ Randleman

9/8              West Davidson

9/15            @ South Rowan

9/22            @ Thomasville

9/29            Lexington

10/6            @ Central Davidson

10/13                   Salisbury

 10/27                   @ East Davidson

11/3            North Davidson


Coach Chuck Henderson

Date         Opponent

8/18            Walkertown

9/1              @ North Rowan

9/8              @ Central Davidson

9/22            Salisbury

9/29            @ Ledford

10/6            East Davidson

10/13                   @ North Davidson

10/20                   South Rowan

10/27                   @ West Davidson

11/3            Thomasville



Coach Brian Flynn

Date         Opponent

8/18            @ Mount Tabor

8/25            Davie

9/1              Asheville

9/15            East Davidson

9/22            @ South Rowan

9/29            West Davidson

10/6            @ Thomasville

10/13                   Lexington

10/20                   @ Central Davidson

10/27                   Salisbury

11/3            @ Ledford




Coach Eric Tippett

Date         Opponent

8/18            @ Trinity

8/25            @ West Davidson

9/1              Highland School of Technology

9/8              Atkins

9/22            South Stanly

9/29            @ West Montgomery

10/6            North Stanley

10/13                   @ North Moore

10/20                   @ Albemarle

10/27                   Chatham Central

11/3            @ North Rowan



Coach Gil Maxwell

Date         Opponent

8/18            @ Albemarle

8/25            @ West Montgomery

9/8              @ Salisbury

9/15            Central Davidson

9/22            Ledford

9/29            @ East Davidson

10/6            North Davidson

10/13                   @ South Rowan

10/20                   West Davidson

11/3            @ Lexington





Coach Bryan Lingerfelt

Date         Opponent

8/18            @ Wheatmore

8/25            South Davidson

9/8              @ Ledford

9/15            Salisbury

9/22            East Davidson

9/29            @ North Davidson

10/6            South Rowan

10/20                   @ Thomasville

10/27                   Lexington

11/3            @ Central Davidson